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Lovers & Fleurs Events specialise in event styling, creative direction and floral design

We create dream weddings and events from stunning blooms + floral artworks to designing & manufacturing custom pieces to make your day nothing short of magic.

We also love collaborating with brands and dreaming up epic photoshoots/all things creative

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Hey there,

My name is Faith I am the founder and head florist/stylist at Lovers & Fleurs Events and the co-founder of Lovers and Fleurs The Label.


I founded Lovers & Fleurs Events in 2018 after many years of doing freelance floristry for                                         other amazing companies and florist's I decided it was time to share                                     my creativity and love of flowers with my own clients. I have a strong                                     passion for flowers and styling that I am beyond excited to share                                           with all of my future brides to be and clients. 

                                   Lovers & Fleurs The Label was created by my dear friend Carly Winkler                                     and I, it was born from our love of vintage silk, lace and lingerie. Shop                                     our vintage now at Lovers & Fleurs the Label.

                                   This is my art and i am beyond honoured to share it with you!

                                   Love Faith x 

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